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A platform where youths are free to celebrate their heritage and rediscover their true identity.

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This is a guide to what we talk about on this platform. Our topics range from issues to do with culture, our norms and values, learning to identify your true self, social integration, grooming and etiquette in its broad categories, the generational gap and its effects and so forth. We are also open to suggestions on topics that are of interest to you. The aim is that this site can be used as a safe haven by the youth of our generation. Per adventure we might become a shoulder to lean on for someone who is in need. #MILLENNIALTALKZW

recent episodes

in this episode we are reminded of the legend Bob Marley when he sang the song don’t worry about a thing. we should live in today focus our energy in making today great that way tomorrow will be great enjoy!!! In this episode we talk about being your on man or woman. learning to stand for your dreams and making them a reality. we can stop this trend of being employees and be business owners. always remember start a business to leave your job and never leave your job in order to start a business. If others managed to do it we can do it also. All we have to do is believe in ourselves