“a solution to engineer”

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work

An error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.

Bevel gear is a gear shaped like the wide end of a cone, used to transmit motion through an angle, they are found in differentials.

Absolute humidity is the total amount of water vapor present in a given volume of air. It does not take temperature in to consideration. Absolute humidity in the atmosphere ranges from near zero to roughly 30 grams per cubic meter when the air is saturated at 30 degrees celsius.

Blowdown is the process of discharging a significant portion of the aqueous solution in order to remove accumulated salts deposits and other impurities.

Heat exchanger is a device for transferring heat from one medium to another.

Bernoulli’s theorem states that for an inviscid flow of a non conduction fluid , an increase in the speed of the fluid occurs simultaneously with a decrease in pressure in the fluid’s potential energy

Gas permeability is the degree to which a substance resists permeation of a gas under pressure

Coke is a solid fuel made by heating coal in the absence of air, so that the volatile components are driven off

Thermo-electricity in physics, is electricity generated by the application of heat to the junction of two dissimilar materials. If the two wires of different materials are joined at their ends and one is maintained at a higher temperature than the other, a voltage difference will arise and an electric current will exist between the hot and the cold junctions.

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