The state of Afrikan consciousness

Then they asked me if I understood my people and their disposition to truth and state of mind. I saw 4 major groups we find among our people ; Those who know and know that they know (conscious competent) follow them and learn from them. Those who know and don’t know that they know (conscious incompetent ) these are fast asleep wake them up. Those who don’t know that they know (unconscious competent) expose them to more information make them aware. Those who don’t know that they don’t know (unconscious incompetent) . The most difficult group – they are as good as dead – dig a grave and burry them In the discussion of the night , enlist them on the list of the lost things until crisis will force them to learn. And we had to debate context of the parable in a big hall full of people.

The Alkebulan has to be restored for the world to experience humanity. Every time we have tried to be like the Europeans we have deprived the European and opportunity to experience Alkebulan. The knowledge systems of the world have looked west to the great “I “ and selfishness capitalistic system. They have looked north for machines and Automation. They have looked East for wellness and holistic living. the glory of Alkebulan is community (Ubuntu). The world must look at Akebulan in the South for humanity and social coherence (Ubuntu) we belong together , I am because we are! The lost Alkebulan – lost coin- lost in Alkebulan – lost in the house – they are lost don’t know that they are lost and don’t wish or have no desire/no capacity to change their disposition. This entire consciousness movement is a noise within their ears. It will take the mother, Alkebulan a spring cleaning session to find her children and restore them in the full celebration of her virtue and culture. The lost Alkebulan – the lost sheep- these are the educated clever ones who are aware but seek to survive and in search of greener pastures have moved away from the rest.

One pasture lead to another and now they are doing well and with a stomach full of grass they are surrounded by hyenas and tax foxes. They are now lost in materialism, they know they are lost, they desire to come back, they don’t know how to come back. It will take a Shepard time to identify them and redeem them from the dangers which now surround them. Some have ended up sacrificed into cults for money wealth and fame. Alkebulan has lost her children to “greener” pastures, Alkebulan will change this narrative and retain her sheep on Alkebulan’s green pastures, the seasons have changed. Her leaders must be removed who destroy the land. The lost Alkebulan – the lost sons – they are fully conscious and know both worlds – but deliberately they decide to move camp and take their wealth and resources to spend with the foreigners. They Move their money and wealth into offshore accounts and in far countries they spend their money and wealth in riotous living and prostitution. They are lost, they know that they are lost, they know their way home. It takes life and it’s experiences to awaken them from slumber- Corona and racism is the first Cyrene.

 Only pigs, hunger and bankruptcy, disease and misfortune will cause the exodus “I will return to Alkebulan, even the least of my fathers servants don’t live this”. Only a fool will pray for pigs to become sheep! There was a celebration in Alkebulan towards at the great return of the of the Alkebulan’s children back home from diaspora. Alkebulan must start fattening calves and prepare the return of her children from across the continents! Service land and restore the wells. The greedy eldest brother (who has remained on the continent) must not look at their returning brother with jealous and envy. For too long the Alkebulan brothers are busy with goats with their friends when there are bulls and celebrations. These foreign home affairs policies must be removed to allow the return of the “prodigal sons”- in diaspora. Let’s prepare the drums, and polish the horns, level the grounds and stitch the costumes the period of our slavery has come to an end – the curse, scourge and prophecy is expired.  A new era has come upon us. The dreams of Marcus Garvey and the songs of Bob Marley, Bunny Wailer, are ringing “great repatriation , repatriation, the exodus”, let us make room for this great return!

I am the watcher from the future living with you in the present with solutions from the past
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