Murder! [POETRY]

By Charity nitah Imbayago

With my annoying voice of a cicada,

I killed her, the only family member I had left.
Nagging and inconsiderate, I was.

Demanding for a city lifestyle in the village,
woke her up to make peanut butter,
for me in the middle of the night.

Shout at her,
when it wasn’t so fine like
that  of nuts grinded by a machine.

Send her on a forest search,
I knew she was too old to bear a farm.
But I still demanded for pumpkin porridge.

She too had lost her child, in the
same accident I became an orphan.
Still I took it out on her.

I knew she was out in the dark,
in a field hunt for pumpkins
but I created a weapon by the door.

Set a hoe, to snatch off the head of anyone,
anyone who tries to get in.
I heard her call out my name as she approached.

I heard her reach for the door handle
but I didn’t move or warn her.
Now her head is lying 3 metres away from her body.

I killed her!
The only family I had left.
The streets or jail cell, I will soon call my home.


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  1. Charles


    1. nitah³98

      Thank you Charles

  2. Nyasha .N

    Sad…i love the themes in your poem

    1. nitah³98

      Thank you Nyasha

  3. Mr Moyo

    You penned it well this is how youth are destroying their own future these days .. …the grandmother is metaphorically representing our own dreams how will endlessly let them toil in wrong directions till we permanently destroy them

    1. nitah³98

      Thank you for identifying the metaphoric meaning in the piece

  4. yify

    Wonderful post! We will be linking to this great content on our website. Keep up the good writing. Dulcie Loy Fredra

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