Fire or Ice?

I had to give you a chance,
So you’d make your own choices.
Now our fate lies in the corners of your hands.
Tell me, what it is going to be fire or ice
or will it be fire and ice?

I won’t let the ice freeze you to death,
but each day it will fall on your bare skin like snowflakes.
Don’t picture it from a broken perspective
coz it’s like the ice from the western side ‘dreamy’.
it might make you feel numb from time to time
but just like in the fairy tales will we be able to freeze time,
and have an eternity stuck in an ice cube just the two of us
in our twenties for a life time.

Either way I won’t let the fire burn you down
but each day burning sensations will stimulate your wild side.
Don’t look at it with flames such as hellfire, or dangerous like
a burning furnace, but that of a burning love candle or
a burning rose which will fill the room with its lovely sweet scent,
time won’t be on our side just like speedsters will be on a race with the universe.
For eternity we would be running,
in search of the hottest places where fire would emerge.

Will you choose both?
Give us the opportunity to be demigods and birth doubles?
A place where none will supersede the other
I mean each time we’d copulate steamy waters would emerge.
Fire won’t burn you neither will ice freeze you
in this world we could create time vaults where we would freeze time
and chase the universe at the same race.
We’d create a timeline where we don’t get old but chase the universe to its depth.
So tell me now, which one will it be?


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  1. Lilly


    1. Tasha

      Wow! nice work nitah

  2. Craig

    “…Give us the opportunity to be demigods and birth doubles”….this is lit
    Nice piece!

  3. Salmah

    Well crafted!

  4. ashy

    in love with the theme of love in this…. beautifully captured!

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