Would you..?

I’m not being a hard nut to crack,
but constantly my mind is asking would you?
If I give you the chance, would you stay?
It’s not just about the chance, but would you stand my nudity?

When I undress my soul, unwrap the glued pieces of my heart,
open the gates to the dungeon of my scared thoughts
after I unpack the burdens of my life
standing face to face with my darkest secrets, would you stay?

Can I trust you to take down the gates to my castle of solitude
let you shake hands and exchange glances with
my wildest dreams and my unexpressed feelings.
Would you stand still staring at my ancient wounds?

Would you keep the key to my basement of cries, safe?
After I take you on a tour, showing you where I locked
my insecure self, so I can wear the mask of confidence and courage.
After facing the other side of my temper locked in a safe cell.

After opening the bottle of my emotions
take the journey down my memory lane
narrate to you the struggles, choices and decisions I regret
would you listen without judging me?

Can I get nude for you?
Let you be intimate with my mind instead of my bruised body
would you take care of me, after i get vulnerable?
Open up to you and wholeheartedly express who I want to be.

I keep saying no, because I’m not up for games
I’m looking for companionship, so would you stay after
facing all this, would you hold my hand and pull me closer.
Will I still face dawn in the comfort of your love after
getting this naked for you?

Would you still love me the same?


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  1. Salmah

    Beautifully written
    I felt all the emotions created by this piece
    Keep it up girl!

    1. nitah³98

      Thank you!

  2. Lilly


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