It saddens me more to write this to you
I won’t call it a letter or a goodbye message
but this is just a note to my loved ones
I wrote this in tears,
for me leaving is not choice but a call.

I tried hanging up, putting on voicemail
and even on hold.
Switched it off a couple times but still
with a flat battery I received missed calls.
I’m sorry I had to go now.

But please know I have carried all the memories
in my backpack, don’t worry I’m journeying
with you, from time to time I will smile back at you
laugh with you at all our craziest moments.
I’m leaving but not leaving you alone.

Remember I loved art,
and in all the pieces there is a part of me
it won’t be sufficient at first but remember
I haven’t left your heart yet .
So in it I will forever reside.


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  1. Flex

    Nice piece
    I hope you are okay

    1. nitah³98

      I am okay, thank you

  2. Dan


    1. admin

      Thanks Dan for your support and feedback lots of love

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