They always say speech is silver and silence is golden. That day the silence was as loud as thunder. I felt a cold shiver run down my spine. My hands were sweating I could feel the sweat trickling . He adjusted his glasses, “guilty!” He said as he hammered the gavel down, sentencing me to 15 years of hard labor with no parole.


It all started in 2015, had just graduated from college, my future was filled with life. I can recall my graduation day like its yesterday. The celebrations were lit. We had a live band and a drama crew. My friends and I had made it, success was coming our way. A local gold firm offered us jobs at the university grounds no interviews. I remember telling my friends how blessed we were, tossing the brown bottles with a lion logo. That night we drank beer and ate meat like it was our last. READ MORE…


As we remember one of Zimbabwe’s finest novelist and poet Dambudzo Marechera. He was born on June 4, 1952. Unfortunately he succumbed to an AIDS related illness on August 18, 1987, at Harare’s Parirenyatwa Hospital. BELOW is a letter written by Dambudzo Marechera to his white ex-girlfriend, Samantha. The letter was written after Marechera had been expelled from Oxford University. Interesting read.

Dear Samantha

I think by now you have heard what happened when those hypocrites in administration chased me from their white university giving me an option between being sectioned or expelled. I chose the latter, a decision which shocked them out of their warped wits. I have forgiven them because together with you they thought as an African student from some remote Southern African country I was privileged for receiving tertiary education at Oxford, READ MORE


I have listened to a fair number of motivational stuff for me to quote certain things by head, but the perks to it is that I don’t really know who said it. So do forgive me if in this post I say something that’s not academic like, “someone once said”. Now that you have forgiven me allow me to vent. I believe someone once quoted someone saying, “When you are down, rock bottom can be a solid foundation upon which to rebuild your life”. So it got me thinking, ‘why then are many people still stuck in that rut, why aren’t they rebuilding’? Truth of the matter is people keep digging once they have hit rock bottom.READ MORE…

Question time with: The SLAYER!

Hip pop has been parts of the black community for a while meet Zim Hip-pop rapper and song writer Slayer! He is a multi-talented artist who has seemingly appeared out of nowhere, and has begun creating tracks from the ground up; crafting his own sounds that cater to an audience he was oblivious to. He has organically found a niche in which his music is being accepted, learning more about the community which simultaneously using his outside influence. While not well known too many, Slayer! Has an energy and mindset that could push him ahead in an era where copious amounts of artists are emerging by the day. In questions with Slayer! We learned about the influences of several aspects of his life; from the people who have motivated him along the way, to the artists who have unknowingly shaped who he is today.READ MORE


I recently developed a new habit of taking extra care of myself and I officially declared Sunday my day of self-care; insert hashtag #SelfCareSundays. Basically, self-care Sundays are days I transfer the kitchen to the bathroom, making hair and skin masks plus scrubs. There is no ingredient in the kitchen that has not met my skin or my hair. Eggs, mayonnaise, lemon, honey, turmeric, banana, avocado, papaya, sugar… and when sugar is almost running out, I switch to salt (please don’t tell my mother)READ MORE

Chivalry and Manhood in a Transitioning World

First off before all of my rumbling and venting begins I have to allude all my generation for being woke. Now nothing just happens to fly past us. We scrutinize everything because we now attach moral and emotional significance to big and small events.READ MORE


Then they asked me if I understood my people and their disposition to truth and state of mind. I saw 4 major groups we find among our people ; Those who know and know that they know (conscious competent) follow them and learn from them. Those who know and don’t know that they know (conscious incompetent ) these are fast asleep wake them up. Those who don’t know that they know (unconscious competent) expose them to more information make them aware. Those who don’t know that they don’t know (unconscious incompetent) . The most difficult group – they are as good as dead – dig a grave and burry them In the discussion of the night , enlist them on the list of the lost things until crisis will force them to learn. And we had to debate context of the parable in a big hall full of people.READ MORE