It saddens me more to write this to you
I won’t call it a letter or a goodbye message
but this is just a note to my loved ones
I wrote this in tears, READMORE…

Would you..?

I’m not being a hard nut to crack,
but constantly my mind is asking “would you?”
If I give you the chance, would you stay?
It’s not just about the chance, but would you stand my nudityREAD MORE

Fire or Ice?

I had to give you a chance,
So you’d make your own choices.
Now our fate lies in the corners of your hands.
Tell me, what it is going to be fire or ice
or will it be say fire and ice? READ-MORE…


The night falls,
out of the room I make my way,
carrying these heavy shoulders,
with teary eyes through the window,
across the pool, to the green lawn.
I lay down
to rest my back and stargaze.
Screaming my sorrows to the silence

My esteem, strength, faith and patience
are slowly fading away.
Part of me wishes to accept what
I was born for but each time I try
I feel that I am chasing a blind wish
which isn’t mine to chase.
Rather it is just a bridge READ MORE..


With my annoying voice of a cicada,
I killed her, the only family member I had left.
Nagging and inconsiderate, I was.

Demanding for a city lifestyle in the village,
woke her up to make peanut butter,
for me in the middle of the night.

Shout at her,READ MORE


You called me Prudish,
Not fun and too reserved
A boring character you labelled me.

You said she was better,
lively and outgoing, cursed me for being
responsible and said I was too serious with life.

You said you preferred her because
she was thin as a blade of grass
and her flexibility was majestic. READMORE


the sunsets.
In the kitchen,
my pots wrestle.

Family gathers,
the tables are set.
Feast’s served
dishes washed.

Retire to their beds
bedtime stories are read
tucked in,
 they vanish in dreamland.

Each to their rooms.
Doors closed,
sheets twixt
as they copulate. 

3am, the devil’s hour,
in my chamber.
He tip toes.
I can’t scream,
he holds a death threat.

Like a betrothed,
he eats from my plate.
Disentangle the devil in me,
it’s not right but I’m human.

To him,
my dignity is lost.
Albeit the hardships,
I brave the night.
 Without conviction, I wait;
 for the morning sun!


  Her majesty!

A courageous and beauteous lady she was
Delicate and kind she looked, especially when,
she puts on her beautiful smile displaying her whitey teeth
sparkling  and inviting like the stars of the night it was!

Men ought to fall for her every time she passed by,
Her fully body covering garments sweeping the ground as she walked
all those who caught sight of her would feel their knees  getting weak
weaker! They got when she spoke, even when she was shouting.

To their ears her voice was as soft as the bride’s whisper under her Val.
Unfortunately no one among then could have her, although the all wished for such.
Her marvelous majestic appearance made it hard for men to focus in her presence
she was the lady of the land and they all searched for favor in her eyes.

They all had her wrong, kind heated? Was it all a flattery in their eyes? Or
was her heart as cold as ice?  Was there no warmth in her like a winter in the snow?
Whitey and welcoming her smile was presented, but was she like a snake producing
different colors before its prey? That would eventually bite and leave its venom to kill.

They were just slaves in her eyes; at least she managed to make them think so
“HARDER!”She shouted and they all broke from their fantasy worlds with her,
One of the man was lying butt naked and hard strokes were being placed
 harshly on his naked skin. They all felt weak all of sudden as they gave her the attention.

This time weaker from their inner soul, they felt useless, how could they not?
They were preys in the hands of a woman; she had the final voice in the field!
At least now they all got to concentrate!  A strong sharp pain pierced through her heart she knew she had hurt them; alas she was the boss they needed to respect her presence.

mom’s wish

You’re the 21st era, the current millennial print,
sadly you’re dressed in the archaic age,
the era in which a maiden’s only success was;
being a great mother and a docile wife.

Opportunity shares the same bed with you,
but your attention is blocked by your priorities,
mischievously focused that you fail to identify it 
 even when it shakes hands with you, why? 
Of course, your hand is filled with these gadgets.

The same that keep you awake all night,
‘social media catching up” you call it, can’t you 
see its dawn already, you have grown to be a woman.
It’s the apt time to set your goals straight.

Embrace the gift of freedom, be the woman of the era,
hard work no longer means sweat every time, just 
show determination my daughter, you’ve the life
I wished for! Remember I too, was once young.

Eager, ambitious and adventurous, you can too!
Being a mother is a blessing but it surely feels amazing
when you’re learned and self dependent. Not anymore, 
is it the era in which only men dominated the world.

Albeit, the hardships rise up and shine my girl!

My heart is slain apart;
I slightly feel the pain of his grip,
as I make painful and desperate screams.
His grip so tight and strong enough to break
My bones into pieces of shame
Upon the forbidden fruit he is feasting
the pain of him penetrating, triggers the
the river of tears in me, I cry harder
from the soul, as, he make those
grievous groans “Uh-huh, Hmm, mhm!”
“Oh Yeah” He moans as he tightens his
grip, instantly the pain sends my soul
to an early grave.
During the day my own shadow scares me
I jump to a scream each time the wind
caresses my skin, I’m scared he’ll show up anytime,
“MASTER STOP!” I scream, each time the waves
makes a loud sound. Fear knows me by name.